Recycled Thermal Paper

Recycled Thermal Paper Rolls - A More Eco-Friendly and Cost-Efficient Alternative

All life depends on natural supplies and systems, which is why Thermal Solutions International is committed to sustaining and safeguarding air, water and wildlife resources. The introduction of recycled thermal paper rolls by TSI marks a very significant step in its effort to transform the paper industry into a more conscientious and environmentally responsible sector.

Thermal paper has been widely used across industries for quite some time now and its numerous benefits have become quite undeniable. Besides providing sharper and more reliable printed images without the need of ink or ribbons for ticketing, bank ATMs and point of sale systems, thermal printing technology delivers highly technical printouts used in various healthcare applications where accuracy cannot be compromised.

The use of thermal paper has its downsides however, and these can lead to considerable consequences to human health and the environment. TSI's green-based recycled thermal paper rolls offer a safer, more eco-friendly and cost-efficient alternative to standard non-recyclable versions currently being used by most industrial and commercial end users.

Depending on output quality, recycled thermal paper rolls are manufactured from thirty to seventy percent post-consumer waste which could otherwise end up in landfill sites as garbage. Additionally, the virgin portion of recycled thermal paper comes from paper mills that comply with sustainable forest regulations and are certified by a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

TSI only works with FSC certified paper mills in the procurement of base thermal paper to help reduce wood pulp consummation. Base thermal paper is then combined with the appropriate percentage of post-consumer waste to create more environment-friendly recycled thermal paper products.

Although recycled thermal paper is not as bright as the original, print contrast is highly readable and overall performance is just as remarkable. From the business standpoint, it makes great sense to choose recyclable thermal paper for two reasons. First, this innovative product offers a simple and inexpensive option to companies that use up a considerable amount of standard thermal paper on an annual basis. Secondly, recycled thermal paper presents a safer and prudent alternative that espouses and promotes an organization's advocacy to preserve and sustain a green environment.

Recycled thermal paper rolls are available in all standard roll sizes that work with a wide range of thermal printers. Specific account driven roll sizes can be produced according to special customer specifications, with the green recycled logo added to promote an organization's advocacy to sustain a clean and green environment.

We all have the choice to fight the harmful effects of modern-day consumer products by opting for more eco-friendly alternatives such as recycled thermal paper. On account of its comparable or even lower costs and extremely minimal consequences on our environment, it makes sense for businesses and industries to make that vital switch to recycled thermal paper rolls.

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