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Contract Manufacturing
Thermal Solutions International offers contract converting services to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMS) and other corporations through its manufacturing division, TSI Converting. We work directly with businesses all over the world to provide customers with specialty products and applications, so lead times for manufacturing and new product development are significantly reduced.

TSI Converting maintains direct working relationships with paper mills, producers and suppliers all over the world so we offer the best prices on manufactured products as well as merchandise we source out for resale.

Account Management
Thermal Solutions International views its clients as corporate assets and employs an effective Strategic Account Management system that focuses on specialized customer accounts. We maintain strategic industry alliances and employ sophisticated management tools for our Enterprise Strategic Partner (ESP) accounts due to the dedicated character of the products and services being offered.

Our account management approach not only focuses on sustaining business viability but targets growth and expansion as well. We carefully handpick the best and most proficient ESP Account Managers to provide excellent solutions and unparalleled service in all areas of your business.

Warehousing and Distribution
Upon customer request, Thermal Solutions International delivers warehousing and management services for your manufactured products. With multiple distribution centers worldwide, we have the geographical edge to guarantee precise handling and timely delivery of your products.

We work with customers to monitor warehouse inventory levels and provide timely notifications for the reordering process. Likewise, we coordinate and synchronize manufacturing and distribution procedures appropriate to your needs and specifications.

Solutions For You Wherever You Are
Solutions – that's what we're here for. We've even got it in our name. Let Thermal Solutions International handle your needs wherever you are in the world.

  • Thermal Solutions International offer a full range of products and services for businesses in North and South America
  • TSI Corporate Headquarters are located in Jacksonville, Florida
  • Inquiries for North America, Europe and Asia are addressed by TSI’s corporate offices in Jacksonville, FL