Jumbo Thermal Paper Rolls

Jumbo Thermal Paper Rolls

Thermal paper is a special paper grade used for on-demand printing requirements in the retail, entertainment, travel, transportation, healthcare, banking and financial services industries. Thermal paper is widely used these days to print POS proofs of payment, ATM slips, gas pump receipts, toll gate and terminal tickets, entertainment coupons, plotting printouts, and numerous other data processing applications.

Different thermal paper grades are available for a variety of printing applications. There are distinct thermal paper grades used for point-of-sale receipt paper, ATM paper, thermal fax paper, medical systems paper and thermal ticket paper products.
Depending on the application and thermal paper grade, image stability on thermal paper can last anywhere from two to seven years.

    Thermal Paper Specifications
  • 100% wood pulp base
  • 40-inch (102cm) and 50-inch (127cm) rolls
  • 3-inch (76mm), 5-inch (127mm) and 6-inch (152mm) cores
  • 50, 55, 58, 60 & 80 GSM in small finished or large jumbo rolls
  • Can be supplied packaged and/or palletized
  • Fade resistant up to 15 years

Thermal paper production technology is dominated by only a few companies in various parts of the globe that manufacture base thermal paper. We source our base thermal paper from only the best manufacturers who employ state-of-the-art technology in thermal paper production. As one of the leading thermal paper converters in the US, TSI supplies high quality, best value thermal paper products to businesses and industries all over the world.

Our thermal paper and tag product range includes specialty products used for plotting and recording applications and have been well received by the international market.

  • Medical Thermal Paper (for ECG, ultrasound, etc.)
  • Instrument Recording Paper
  • Label Paper Face Stock
  • Thermal Boarding Pass and Information Terminal Slips

Other Thermal Paper Specialty Products
Ultra Thermal Paper & Tag - TSI also converts base thermal paper into Ultra Thermal Paper and Tag products that are resistant to water, oil, alcohol and abrasion. Thermal paper is coated with a protective layer and the end result is high-quality thermal specialty paper products that could withstand the harsh elements.

High-Temperature Ultra Thermal Paper Products – Commonly used for airline boarding passes, railway and toll receipts, cinema and theater tickets, as well as pharmacy and production management labels, this thermal paper grade delivers impressive print output and performance results at temperatures up to 207°F (95°C). Extended image life and archiving attributes are two vital features of High-Temperature Ultra Thermal products.

Ultra Sensitive Lottery Thermal Products – This type of thermal paper grade is widely used to print lottery and sporting events tickets that require excellent ink absorbency and high-resolution imaging. Defined images develop at low temperatures starting at 167°F (75°C +/- 5°C).

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