Quality Control

TSI - Quality Above Everything Else

At Thermal Solutions International, we value quality in everything we do. More than a decade ago, we had already began developing and implementing a strategic plan which includes our very own Quality Management System (QMS). Whether it concerns our products or services, this comprehensive plan is evaluated, modified and fine-tuned year after year to ensure that our main goals and objectives for being in business are consistently attained.

We also perform regular Management Reviews of all our other sites. At prescribed periods, we conduct assessments on our systems to ensure TSI's objectives are accomplished in all locations where we operate.

Quality Management Principles

Being an independent business, TSI recognizes the need to sustain profound and lasting relationships with its customers. In view of this, the business decisions that we make are always mutually beneficial. They do not simply involve our interests but also that of our clients.

Our lean management structure allows us to deliver unparalleled and exceptional receptiveness to customer needs. Furthermore, TSI's supreme level of responsiveness enables customers to make appropriate well-timed business decisions which are critical in the today's competitive business atmosphere.

Document Management

We consider document control as the cornerstone of our Quality Management System so TSI exercises stringent control measures on its QMS policies, guidelines and procedures to ensure that only approved and updated documentation is utilized throughout the organization.

We pay special attention to document control disciplines in all our administrative functions as well as in manufacturing, packaging, material handling, equipment operation and maintenance procedures.

Extensive Training

TSI has and continues to institute training programs that focus both on core competencies and job-specific requisites. Written job descriptions for each position in the company outline the required educational qualifications including the necessary skills and experiences needed to perform specific tasks. In addition, quality system topics as well as safety and development subjects form part of our regular core training programs.

Developmental, Preventative and Corrective Procedures

Thermal Solutions International devotes unceasing efforts to identify possible areas for improvement in its products, processes and services. We also have corrective and preventative courses of action designed to avert detrimental issues from happening or recurring in all areas of our operations.

Customer Service

At TSI, customer complaints and dissatisfaction are attended to in the most efficient way. These are communicated to the departments concerned so they can be reviewed thoroughly and investigated when needed. All departments have specific procedures when handling complaints and when these are deemed acceptable, the proper corrective measures are carried out.

In the case of post-run quality issues or material recalls, the affected customers are identified and immediately notified.

Supply Chain Management

We employ a combination of standards when qualifying materials and services from our suppliers. TSI's criteria include assessment questionnaires as well as evaluation of historical performance such as quality control and on-time deliveries. Additionally, we conduct on-site audits or secure third-party accreditations from our suppliers.

A supplier is usually rejected on the basis of non-compliance to TSI's criteria and expectations. We consistently assess and qualify new and alternate suppliers to sustain a steady product supply flow and preserve the quality and competitiveness of our products and services.

Process Controls

Manufacturing Procedures

Process control is exercised extensively in the manufacture of our products. Appropriate instructions for production and testing are documented and we put special emphasis on the early detection and prevention of issues in the manufacturing process. If modifications or adjustments in our procedures are warranted, our process control documents will reflect such changes and state their approval.

Equipment Operation and Maintenance

TSI ascertains the reliability of its equipment to make sure they are working effectively at all times. Documented procedures regarding equipment operation, calibration and maintenance are available and TSI employs planned maintenance measures on critical equipment using certified calibration and testing programs. Monitoring and output of critical equipment are controlled and recorded to ensure efficiency and better productivity while equipment usage records are maintained to serve various purposes.

Record Keeping

Information regarding our products and services are appropriately recorded throughout their lifecycle. These include raw material and in-process manufacturing data, packaging information, final quality assessments, training and equipment as well as customer inquiries, orders and even issues or complaints. TSI employs a comprehensive and efficient product and batch numbering scheme for easy monitoring and tracing during and after the manufacturing process.

Discrepancies and Nonconformities

We employ strict product guidelines and non-conformance procedures. In the event products do not measure up to the prescribed requirements, our electronic monitoring system raises the red flag. Failure to comply with TSI's quality requirements is unacceptable so these are marked and isolated from the rest to prevent shipment and distribution.

Specification Controls

Ingress of Materials

TSI conducts physical review and quality evaluation of all materials received from suppliers. Materials are placed on a "hold" status until evaluation and review is fulfilled.

Product Development

In line with establishing the highest quality product specifications, TSI conducts ongoing product research and development while keeping itself up to date with developing trends in manufacturing, quality control and quality assurance as well as product management and marketing. TSI additionally takes into consideration market demand, customer expectations, process capability, and regulatory requirements when addressing specification development.

Accessibility of Information

Customers and employees are given access to the majority of our general product specifications. Product specifications are available in electronic format and/or hardcopy and are regarded as controlled documents. Revision, approval and issuance of product specifications are handled according to controlled document guidelines.

Special customer specifications are considered confidential so we limit access to this particular type of controlled document. Details of confidential specifications are divulged only to personnel due to their direct involvement or as part of their regular job function.

Other products may also come with a product information sheet which supplies general details about the product. Product information sheets may also include specific directions and instructions for use.

Product information for packaging labels can be found on the roll or pallet label. Information will normally include the customer's name, customer item number, TSI item number, quality control numbers, as well as packaging and barcode details.

Product Samples

Samples of TSI-manufactured products are retained for each run and the quantity of available samples usually depends on the type of product. Customers can inquire on the availability of samples for specific products by contacting Thermal Solutions International.