Jumbo Carbonless Paper Rolls

Jumbo Carbonless Paper Rolls

Prior to the advent of carbonless paper, the only options available for making multiple copies of a document were either to write them more than once or use messy carbon paper in between multiple sheets of copy paper.

Carbonless paper now makes the job of obtaining multiple handwritten and printed documents a lot easier, faster and virtually mess-free. Carbonless copy paper allows high quality imaging on multi-part paper forms with the use of microcapsule coatings that react to pressure applied by handwriting or with a printing device.

Carbonless Paper Use Across Various Industries
Various industries and institutions benefit from the use of carbonless copy paper - they are extensively used by banks, car rental companies, auto dealerships, cargo forwarders, post offices and other government agencies, among others.

Thermal Solutions International employs advanced microcapsule processing in the manufacture of carbonless copy paper. The resulting features of our carbonless copy paper include low temperature imaging, fast image development, superior image quality, and overall paper durability.

Moreover, we are able to develop and supply carbonless copy paper with added security features such as watermarks or security threads/fibers. TSI is backed with extensive knowledge and expertise in carbonless paper production and has the capability to incorporate sophisticated security and protection measures to vital carbonless paper products commonly used by tax authorities, airport and customs bureaus and other similar agencies.

    Quality Features of our Carbonless Paper Products
  • Fast, spotless imaging with exceptional optical density and resistance to light
  • Smear and smudge free (will not rub off onto hands or fabric)
  • Superior paper smoothness and surface strength
  • Uniform coat weight profile
  • Outstanding dimensional stability, shape retention and curl control
  • Lab-tested for extreme temperature and humidity conditions
  • Fade resistant up to 15 years
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