Food-to-go bags

Leading online take-out and food delivery services choose TSI to produce paper bags with extra wide gussets, perfect for stacking food delivery containers.

We also sell wraps and sheets for the food service, café, deli and restaurant industries.

Our range includes:
    Food-to-go paper bags
  • Grab Bag
  • Grab Bag with Window
  • Sandwich Bag
  • Sandwich Bag with Window
  • Counter Bag
  • Deli or Carry Out Bag – Block Bottom
  • Deli or Carry Out Bag – Block Bottom with Window
  • Flat and Side Gusset Paper Bag
  • Flat and Side Gusset Bag – with Strip Window
  • Flat and Satchel – Counter Bags
  • Flat and Satchel – Counter Paper Bag with Window
  • Heat-Sealed Bag
  • Heat-sealed Polylined Bag
  • Heat-sealed Polylined Bag with Window
  • Rotisserie Chicken Bag
  • Rotisserie Chicken Bag with Window
  • Waxed Paper ( Fries Bag )
  • Wine Bottle Bag
    Speciality bags
  • Wicketed Bag
  • Micro-Perforated Bag
    Paper carriers and reusable bags
  • Twist Handle Shopping Bag
  • Cotton Handle Shopping Bag
  • Flat Tape Handle Shopping Bag
  • Flat and Satchel – Counter Bag
  • Luxury Shopping Bag
  • RePapaPac® Reusable Paper Bag
    Sheets, wraps and liners
  • Tray-Liner Paper Sheet
  • Grease Resistant Paper Sheet
  • Waxed Paper Sheet
  • Wrapping Paper Sheet
  • Tortilla Wrap
    Flexible Packaging
  • Custom Printed Wrapping Paper Reels
  • Wrapping Paper Laminated Films
  • Surface Print Film and Poly Reels
  • Sandwich Print Laminate Film Reels
  • Form, Fill and Seal
  • Flow Wrap
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